1. Significant reduction of ramp-up time, due to the Skill-based propagation of "Plug&Produce"-devices in reconfigurable production.
  2. Extensive reduction of process planning effort and production lead-time, due to the automated process planning capabilities of production system, as well as the re-configurability of the production resources.
  3. Noticeable reduction in costs related to energy consumption in existing manufacturing systems (short term savings) by the selection of the most suitable production processes and resources and by increasing the Overall Equipment Effectiveness.
  4. Increase production flexibility, through improved reconfigurability of the production system.
  5. Increase of market share, due to the shorter ramp-up time for new product models.




The objective of the first work package is to specify the requirements of the SkillPro framework as well as the underlying methodology. The next step is meant to define the functions and architecture needed in order to realize the project's software components. These components will provide a framework for the skill-based propagation of 'Plug & Produce'-Devices in flexible production system by AML. After develop, implement, test and validate the cloud-based Asset Management System an agent-based Manufacturing Execution System has to be realized.

Furthermore the Skill Execution Engine for autonomous task execution has to put into practice. The objective of the last step is the development and validation of the SkillPro framework. There for the effectiveness of the SkillPro framework will be evaluated in real-world scenarios. It is our goal that SkillPro will significantly contribute to the wider adoption of technological advances within the area of robotics, machines and automation. There for the project consortium will form a carefully targeted Exploitation strategy to maximize the impact of the developed SkillPro solutions.

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Related activities in the call 

SkillPro’s goals towards standardisation and coverage of wide palette of production technologies determine SkillPro’s effort to work together and exchange research insights with other on-going international research activities.

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